Create Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign scripts beyond what you thought was possible.
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MVC model

Phrame.js is based on the MVC model. This means scripts are easier to maintain, easier to recycle and easier to colaborate on with other developers. Learn about the MVC model

Database storage

Phrame.js uses a very rudimentary JSON data storage system which allows loading input from external sources and saving data for later use. Learn about the database methods

Open Source

Phrame.js is an open source project and falls under the MIT license. It is absolutely free to use both recreationally and commercially. Get started

Why use PHRAME.JS?

In short, it makes scripting object oriented. As a Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator scripter it can be tedious to write scripts. All your code is crammed into one file and it doesn't take long before this file gets out of control. Phrame.js tries to solve that problem by splitting up your application into multiple elegant little pieces. Explore the PHRAME.JS documentation